Day in the Life of a Navigator: Featuring Stowe Campbell

Grasping the idea of discipleship can be challenging in today’s context.  In the Bible, the disciples were with Jesus and followed him wherever he went. The apostles carried what they learned worldwide, teaching and encouraging new believers. We only know a little about what their lives practically looked like.  So, what does being a disciplemaker […]

The Journey: How to Join Navigator Staff

We are looking for passionate Jesus followers to join our staff who initiate and invite people into relationships, sow seeds of the Gospel, and encourage faithful steps of obedience.

Quick Devotional: Seeking God For Answers

Take a moment or incorporate this quick devotional: Seeking God for Answers, into your quiet time. As human beings, we are created in the image of God; thus, we are thinking and mindful beings. When sin entered the world, so did the knowledge of good and evil. Our minds spiral in the wake of unanswered […]

What is Discipleship?

Discipleship is a term tossed around in Christian circles, but what does it mean? Discipleship is the process of following Jesus, becoming more like Him, and helping others do the same.