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Life-to-Life® Discipleship

Navigators come alongside as you grow in your relationship with Jesus. We teach and encourage you to bring the gospel to others and show you how to establish new believers in their faith. Then we equip you to teach them how to repeat this process with others.

We call this building spiritual generations of Christ followers.

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Our Calling

To advance the gospel of Jesus and His Kingdom into the nations through spiritual generations of laborers living and discipling among the lost

Navigators live and work in a variety of settings all over the world. As we disciple people, we teach them to disciple others—creating a legacy of discipleship that grows continuously, engages new generations, and expands into every walk of life.​

Consider the Possibilities

Join us in advancing the gospel and raising up Christ followers Life-to-Life.

Explore the diverse opportunities for Navigator ministry

Engaging people within the United States whose primary cultural and national identity is distinct from the majority culture… helping them know Christ deeply and bring the gospel to their families and friends here and throughout the world. 

Bringing the joy of Christ to every corner of the earth through short-, mid-, and long-term missions…equipping those we reach to disciple others, leading to spiritual generations of Christ followers.

Inspiring Christ-centered love and commitment at Eagle Lake Camps through counselor relationships and outdoor experiences.

Inviting our guests to focus on what really matters by creating meaningful experiences through God-honoring hospitality.

Reaching college students on campuses nationwide, helping them to abide in Christ, walk closely with Him, and become lifelong disciplemakers who will continue to walk with Jesus long after graduation.

Engaging college students from around the world on campuses throughout the United States…walking with the “brightest and best” who represent millions of people in their home countries, future leaders who impact their families and relational networks.

Believing in the power of presence, individuals with an “Isaiah 58” heart labor alongside local leaders in a process of whole-life discipleship…seeking to renew hope, restore justice, and rebuild communities. 

Seeing co-workers move from merely working for a paycheck to being used of God to make a transformative difference right where God has placed them…transforming the worker, the work, and the workplace itself.

Coming alongside pastors, church leaders, and passionate disciplemakers, encouraging, and equipping them through Life-to-Life coaching, mentoring, and disciplemaking…restoring and raising up the local church family to share the gospel and follow up those who respond.

Inviting people to participate in God’s redemptive dream for the places they live, coming alongside as they bring Jesus into their families and other relationships…striving to see the gospel transform communities and workers for the Kingdom next door to everywhere.

Helping people in their 20s to know Christ and make Him known by making disciples where they live, work, and hang out…engaging their coworkers, neighborhoods, and friends with the gospel.

Working in the trenches of our U.S. military and first responders to help them know Jesus and to encourage them spiritually through life’s challenges…helping them work in their homes and communities and at their bases, posts, and deployment locations.

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