Meet New Navigators Justin and Katie McCoy

Meet new Navigators, Justin and Katie McCoy. 

The McCoys joined staff in September of 2022 and joined the Nashville City Team at the end of this summer. Learn how God started weaving their story to join The Navigators long ago. 

Katie and Justin grew up in Christian homes and began following Jesus in their late teens—Justin as a junior in high school and Katie during her sophomore year of college. They met at Cedarville University in Cedarville, Ohio, and married in 2009. 

Katie currently works as a self-proclaimed “sermon transcriptionist” and website maintainer for a long-time pastor friend and homeschools their spirited children—Haddon (age 9) and Moriah (age 7).

Shortly after coming to Christ, Justin felt the call to ministry and began serving the youth of his local church. Originally working exclusively with high school students, he and his church realized there was a disconnect between the children’s and high school ministries. As a result, they adjusted his title to “Next Generation Pastor,” and Justin began overseeing the entire system of youth ministry—from children up through high school.

After serving in this role for 14 years, Justin’s college mentor, Mark Irving (current Nav20s director in Nashville), asked Justin and Katie to pray about coming on staff with The Navigators to serve on the Nashville City Team. After a few weeks, the McCoys sensed this was God’s will for them, recalling: “We just knew it would be disobedient to not come on staff.”

The transition for students in Collegiate to the Nav20s ministry is often muddy. Students go from a steady structure in college to one they can start creating themselves. It can be challenging for students to get connected after college. Justin has proven his experience in helping generations transition to their next phase of life. His knowledge and drive are what the Nashville team has been praying for in their city’s ministry. 

We are eager to see how God continues to use Justin and Katie to equip and mobilize the next generation of young disciplemakers from Nashville to next door, to everywhere.