What if disciplemaking could be your full-time job?

Each day someone grows closer to Christ because of a Navigator. 

We often think we must have the proper education, experience, or background for a job. But what if being a Christ follower qualified you as a full-time disciplemaker?

At The Navigators, we see the various aspects of our faith communities, like church, small groups, and ministries, as essential pieces to the body of Christ. We also see how a grassroots movement of one-on-one relationships could impact the kingdom and start a chain reaction that continues for generations

Did someone walk alongside you and share the gospel with you? Did they teach you about the Bible? How to pray? To help you when life got tough? You may have discovered the message of Jesus on your own, but what if you had someone to guide you? What if this person was navigating life just like you? 

We believe God can use the everyday disciplemaker to impact lives. 

The Bible highlights the power of ordinary people. Jesus picked fishermen (Mark 1:14–15), tax collectors (Matthew 9:9-13), and nay-sayers (Acts 9), to begin his ministry. He asked them to follow him, and their lives changed forever. Do you have a similar story?

It’s a story many Christ followers know well. But it doesn’t end quite there. These disciples of Jesus shared what they had discovered and spread the good news worldwide. 

Think about it. You know Christ because of Jesus and his initial disciple’s efforts. Since then, disciples have continued to pass on the Good News for generations, and you could be part of an ongoing generational impact of disciples. 

Isn’t that mind-blowing? 

Our society considers education, background, and experiences as the validity of our works and ideas. But Jesus wants to use the education, knowledge, and experience you already have to meet people where they are. The Navigators have over 90 years of experience supporting everyday disciplemakers, and we are ready to partner with and help you in your ministry calling. Jumping into full-time ministry is a possibility for anyone because of the prayerful planning and work of The Navigators. 

What if you were that Navigator who brought someone closer to Christ today? 

Your personal ministry could impact someone’s life today and in future generations. If you struggle to feel like you can minister in your current context and would like to invest in life-to-life ministry opportunities, then full-time ministry may be for you. If you want to learn more about joining staff with the Navigators, visit: https://joinstaff.navigators.org/ or fill out an interest form here.