Quick Devotional: Seeking God For Answers

Take a moment or incorporate this quick devotional: Seeking God for Answers, into your quiet time. As human beings, we are created in the image of God; thus, we are thinking and mindful beings. When sin entered the world, so did the knowledge of good and evil. Our minds spiral in the wake of unanswered questions. We want to know the secrets of the world. Before sin entered the world, we had everything we needed. We had God closer to us than ever known. Now sin makes it hard to decipher answers to our questions.

God’s presence is everywhere. He doesn’t take away His grace or love, even if we don’t “feel it.” But we can feel lost and confused in this world. And the truth is, we may never have the answers to all our questions until we are reunited with God again. So how do we seek God for answers to our questions?

Step 1: Ask.

Did you ever have to ask someone a big question? Have you ever proposed and or wanted to purchase something expensive? You may have had to ask big questions, and those questions are often nerve-wracking! God is ready for your big questions. He is bigger than any big question you have, and the Bible says he already knows the groanings of your heart. When you ask God your questions, you open up a conversation between you and the creator of the world. You may wait for an answer, but that brings us to the next point.

Step 2: Be prepared for unique answers.

In America, some high school students ask their dates to the Prom dance through unique ways coined as “prom-proposals.” These prom-proposals have become so creative some are filmed and posted online and garner thousands, if not millions, of views. Each one is specially made for each date. No two are alike. God sometimes answers questions and prayers in ways just like this. His answers to our questions are not always a word or a speaking voice in our ears. He created the entire world and knows its inner workings. He may answer our questions using creation, circumstances, or other people. He demonstrates His great love for us through His custom-made answers. 

Step 3: Recognize His love covers all sins and questions

As mentioned above; God doesn’t always reveal answers to our questions. Sad, unfortunate events have many Christians and non-Christians crying out, asking, “Why?” In some circumstances, we may never truly know why they happen. There may be a logical explanation, but it doesn’t cover our desire to understand why they happen. We aren’t any less of a believer if we ask these questions. We may only get some of our questions answered in this life. But we know that despite all the adverse events that happen to us, God still loves us. His gift of taking on sin still stands for every person who believes. Did you ever scrap your knee as a child, and a parent held you as you cried? Did just being held make you feel better? Imagine being held by your ultimate creator for your questions and hurts.

If you are at a crossroads and there is a question you seek answers to, don’t be afraid to present it to God. And be ready for God to answer it unexpectedly or help you find comfort in His wings.