How to Recruit

Navigators Recruiting Hub

The National Recruiting team has been working for the past year to make it as straightforward as possible for you to invite others to join The Navigators. Below you’ll find tools, tips, and processes to help you be effective.


Mid Career and Ready to Join – Stand in the Gap

Stand in the Gap is a half-day virtual event designed as a starting point for a wide variety of men and women who may or may not be familiar with The Navigators.

At Stand in the Gap each candidate will be connected with a pathway coach who will be their advocate and guide through out hiring process.

If you know someone who may be interested in joining Navigator staff in the next 6-9 months invite them to the next stand in the gap.

Recent Grad/College Age – EDGE/iEDGE

The absolute best route to get someone in their early to mid 20’s on staff with The Navigators is still EDGE and iEDGE. Below are links to both programs along with contact information for their directors.

Not ready to join but curious

If you know someone who may not be ready to change careers and join The Navigators but they are curious, the best thing you can do is encourage them. If you see how God can use them tell them!

Here are links to just a few resources that could be helpful as you help someone discern their ministry calling. We have even more resources available on the recruiting resources page.


Recruiting at Events

If you are speaking, sponsoring, or attending an event where you will have the opportunity to talk about joining Navigator staff, we want to help!

The national recruiting team is here to help you maximize your impact at events. Depending on the event and opportunity we have branded swag, printed materials, banners, table cloths, tents, digital support, and more.