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Resources for you and those you recruit

Below are helpful resources. Some are meant to equip and inspire you as a recruiter, others are meant to be shared with people you know who are considering joining Navigator Staff. 

If there is a resource that you use we don’t have here, or that you think would be helpful, please contact the national recruting team at

If you are attending an event and need physical materials for recruiting purposes, visit our recruiting resources order form.

Discerning God's Calling

Mike Jordahl and Ethan Jasso discuss how they discerned God’s calling for their lives, and what helped them process whether or not they should join Navigator staff.

This video is perfect for anyone considering whether or not they are being called into full time ministry,

The Navigator's Four Contributions

What are the “four contributions” and how do Navigator field staff fit into them?

This video is good for anyone wondering how their talents could fit into our mission and calling.

The Navigators - Did You Know?

Who are The Navigators? Where are they and what do they do?

If someone has never heard of The Navigators, this video acts as a primer to share the history and impact the Navigators have had around the country and around the world.

Drawing out The Navigator Calling

Drawing out The Navigator Vision

Drawing out The Navigator Values

Is Navigator Staff For You?

This 7-part study is designed to both introduce potential new staff to The Navigators as well as help them process their own calling. 

Discerning the Call of God Worksheet

This brief Bible study guides the reader through exercises to discern the call of God on their life based on the context and space that they are in at this moment.

Four Contributions Devotion

This Devotion is designed to help you or someone you are walking alongside understand the four contributions of a disciple maker and understand where they fit in the model.

Below are links to promotional recruiting booklets for each individual mission. If you would like physical copies you can request them through this form